Committee Members & Trustees

Our Group is run by a Commitee, five of whom are Trustees, who ensure that the Group is run both safely and well.

Whilst it can sometimes be challenging, all our Committee Members have expressed a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure from the part they play in making the Group what it is today.

All the work is carried out to the standards required by Riding for the Disabled nationally and the Charity Commission.

Below are our current Committee Members and their roles.

     Hon. President                                          Verity Jones

     Chairperson/Group Organiser                  Gill Morrisson

     Treasurer                                                  Graham Bourne

     Secretary                                                  Wendy Russell

     Group Instructors                                      Jenny Vickery             Jackie Brannaghan

     Sageguarding Officers                              Mandi Lee                   Kim Parish

     Committee Members                                Ann Aherne                  Mandi Lee

                                                                      Sasha French               Kim Parish

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